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Garden Composters, Decorative Water Butts, Planters – the perfect products for avid gardeners!

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Garden Composters

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Decorative Water Butts

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Growing Aids

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Garden Products

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Accessories & Spares

Your essential guide to composting

Composting can help you to cut down on the kitchen and garden waste in your home while providing you with a top-quality soil improver for your plants.

Garantia Thermo-King Composter

Top Selling Garden Tech Products

Garden Tech offers decorative water butts, composters, growing aids, and many more garden accessories to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces.

We stock over 60 different shapes, sizes and colours of decorative water butts, designed to be an enviable feature of any garden.

All of our garden composters are made from 100% recyclable plastic and there’s one to fit every garden design scheme. Make the most of your green fingers with growing tunnels, cloches and raised bed planters to suit every budget.

Make your garden your own, with a little help from Garden Tech.